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The Chaser Decides (2004) - Bloopers [11 Dec 2010|12:40am]

Hi guys!

Just brought The Chaser Election Collection and was watching the extra's when I came across this beauty! It's the blooper reel from their 2004 election special and it was hilarious!!! SO FUCKING FUNNY!!! ...so I thought I'd share it with you guys and you can see for yourselves just how many times Craig fucks up his lines. XD

Hopefully it won't be taken down off youtube... I have enough copyright infringements on there! :P

In the words of Craig, "So, are we doing enough to promote terrorists? I spoke to the man best placed to li... blehnehfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck..."


You can purchase their compilation DVD the election specials from their site.

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Friday Night's MICF reviews: Josie Long. Claudia O'Doherty. Andrew McClelland. Ali McGregor. [27 Mar 2010|09:24pm]

Four shows. One evening. Can our hero survive?




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MICF: Geraldine Quinn - "Shut Up & Sing" [26 Mar 2010|09:34am]

Saw my second Comedy Festival show last night - Geraldine Quinn's Shut Up & Sing.

It's about writing the perfect throw-away pop song. Which is really just an excuse for Quinn to wear sparkly costumes, dance like an idiot, and sing vicious little parodies of Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and Beyoncé.

Quinn's voice is excellent, her parodies very catchy and her lyrics filthy. There were a lot of jokes about the female genitalia, and its role in popular music.

She explained at the end that her costumes were made by someone who dresses a lot of drag acts. And that seemed appropriate. Her show has that slightly trashy, drag-queen feel to it, eviscerating pop songs that you know she actually adores.

To be honest, I wasn't planning to see this show. I only went because I won some freebies.

But I laughed all the way through. Her rhymes are clever, her performance is strong, her songs catchy.

Should you go see it?

Yeah. It's not an "oh my god you MUST see this show" show, but it was a lot of fun.

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Icons: Tim Minchin [04 Jun 2009|10:38am]

+[100 icons]

For 10x10variated


here, at hodsmal
x-posted, sorry
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[15 Apr 2009|04:36pm]

I also got to see the Great Debate on Sunday, which was ridiculous fun. For those of you who weren't there, it'll air on Channel Ten in a few weeks - but if you're a whore for spoilers, feel free to read on. :)
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[14 Apr 2009|12:27am]

Back with more reviews! Very brief, this time, because I'm lazy.

Adam Hills: Inflatable - By far my favourite show of the fest. You will not find a funnier or more joyful Aussie comedian anywhere. A warm and energetic show that brings a smile to my face even a couple of days after the fact.

Stephen K. Amos: Find the Funny! - Great fun; Stephen's a fantastic performer who, like Hillsy, delights in the absurdities of life. He's got a bit of a reputation for recycling his own material, so I was quite pleased to find that he'd only reused a few jokes from last year's show, and most of it was new to me.

Sarah Millican's Not Nice - Dirty, devious and thoroughly delightful, it's hard to believe she's been at this for so short a time. Sarah's a sweet, likable, seemingly non-threatening Geordie lass with a fantastically filthy mind. Having only moved into comedy after her marriage broke up a few years ago, the show's structured around the kinds of questions she asked herself after the divorce, and from there moves into hilarious observations on the worlds of relationships and sex. It's a really funny, feel-good show... if perhaps not one to take your mother to.

Josh Thomas: More Josh Than You Can Handle - He seemed to have a few jitters when I saw him, but he was hilarious regardless. Behind his awkward, adolescent persona is a deviously funny mind with some wonderfully sharp observations. The show's very loosely woven around four stories of dating failure, overseas travel and embarrassment, but it veers off into all kinds of topics.

Felicity Ward's Ugly As A Child Variety Show - Felicity is completely demented and utterly hilarious for it. It's an energetic, engaging show that's peppered with hilarious characters (her impersonation of her high school counsellor is particularly brilliant), games and the odd musical number. She's quick on her feet and invites audience involvement, leading to some great off-the-cuff moments. Highly recommended.

Mark Watson: All The Thoughts I've Had Since I Was Born - Mark is one of my favourite comedians - he's got this wonderful rambling style of storytelling that I just love. Unfortunately it gets away from him a little bit in this show - there's a little too much stuffing around, a few lulls and tangents that don't quite work. The material he has is fantastic, and when he gets going he's brilliantly funny - but it's brought down by the show's lack of coherence. Still entertaining, but disappointingly unambitious and nowhere near his best. (To be fair to him, he had arrived in Australia about twelve hours earlier on the day I saw him, so I doubt he was at the top of his game.)
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[06 Apr 2009|10:37am]

Hello! I'm back with more festival reviews. Last night I saw Claire Hooper and Julia Morris - the latter has finished her brief run in Melbourne, but Claire's around till the end of the fest with her show, Forget Your Troubles: C'mon Get Hoopsy, and well worth your time. She has a delightful self-deprecating style of storytelling that I just love. You can find my reviews of both of their shows here.
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ComFest 2009: Josie Long, Storytellers' Club, Dave Bloustien, The Suitcase Royale [05 Apr 2009|04:49pm]

It's only the first weekend of the Comedy Festival, and I'm slipping behind in my reviews already. This is what I saw:

THU 02 - Josie Long - All the Planet's Wonders (Seen In Detail)
Ah, Josie Long. Her comedy belongs to the same whimsical, indie-pop style as Daniel Kitson. She's one of my must-see acts, not because her work ishilarious, but because it gives me a warm glow inside.

"All the Planet's Wonders" is about her joy in discovering science. She tells stories about creepy old men on regional tv, Hieronymus Bosch, and visiting the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford. And she tells them with a mixture of self-deprecation and child-like wonder. She had a few first-night fumbles when I saw her on Thursday, but she still charmed the audience.

FRI 03 - The Storytellers' Club - "scary" theme
The idea behind the Storytellers' Club is get five or six comedians, musicians and other performers together to tell stories late at night. This year, each night has a theme, and Friday's was "Scary Stories". We heard a UFO story and a horrible date story from the host, Sarah Bennetto. James Dowdeswell talked about his old school friend who turned into a school shooter. We also heard from Maeve Higgins, Alison Bice, Danny McGinlay, Josie Long.

The quality varied from excellent to middling, but to me part of the pleasure of the Storytellers' Club is seeing performers kicking back and doing something less rehearsed than their usual show. And there were a few perfectly timed cracks of thunder to complement the stories.

The roster for upcoming shows is listed on the Storytellers' Club Facebook page.

SAT 04 - Dave Bloustien - The Social Contract
Dave Bloustien was sued last year by a dodgy promoter, and had to prove that he was funny in court. That story forms the backbone of "The Social Contract", but Bloustien diverts off into jokes about working advertising, the economic crisis and the racism by text message. He's written for Good News Week and The Glass House, and his humour is full of that style of clever, political quips. Smart, friendly and funny.

SAT 04 - The Suitcase Royale - Space Show
Like a shambolic Mighty Boosh, only not as pretty.

There was a plot in there, somewhere, about three astronauts (Kevin Bacon, Kerry O'Brien and Chuck Norris, no less) searching the galaxy for a cure to a disease that was ravaging Earth. But the plot was only an excuse for cardboard robots, tinfoil sets, bizarre characters, beachballs doubling as planets, and the occasional musical number.

This was humour as high weirdness. There were a lot of laughs, but I had two problems with this show. Firstly, some the characters felt too much like Mighty Boosh imitations. And secondly, all that surrealism never quite coalesced into a whole.
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[03 Apr 2009|11:06pm]

I kicked off my comedy fest tonight with Sammy J, whose new show, 1999, has been described as "The Wonder Years meets Wolf Creek". It was a lot of fun, and I'd definitely recommend it. For anyone who's interested, I've posted a slightly longer review here. :)
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more of my picks for MICF [03 Apr 2009|02:39pm]

more shows that I think sound coolCollapse )

again comments welcome on if you've seen the shows/ comedians before , ot have anything to add
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A-Z of comedy shows i think sound good pt 1 [02 Apr 2009|04:03pm]

I posted this on my own LJ, thought some of you may also be interested so posting here . please add comments about these acts if you've seen them, or have more to say about them.

ok just gonna work through the guide listings and make notes of what i'd like to see at comedy festival in a dream world where I had all the time and cash to do so ;]

hopefully I'll provide some sort of recommendation as well. I'm sure the list will change as the fest moves along and I see hear about other things as well. and this will be long so ill split it up , and it is in alphabetical order just 'cos im working my way through the guide : ]

some shows that sound good, starting at A-BCollapse )

more to come ...

Also , anyone go to the opening night allstars show last night? who was there what was it like ?
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Two Tickets ... [02 Apr 2009|02:42am]

[ mood | crushed ]

I know its not GNW related but I need to find someone to enjoy these tickets for a show in Melbourne tomorrow night ??  ... wait I'll let Adam Explain

DetailsCollapse )

So if anyone wants the two tickets its first come first served and I really want them to be used! I'll I've you the name their under when you say you can use them.
Hope I'm making somone's night

P.S I know it wasn't GNW related but don't you really want the tickets? Don't worry I know I shouldn't have gotten them because I can't use them but I didn't think I was going to get them ... please
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Lawrence Leung & Andrew McClelland - Time Ninjas [01 Apr 2009|10:35pm]

Yes. That Lawrence Leung. The one off the ABC.

It feels weird to write that. Lawrence has been doing shows at the Comedy Festival for years. But I overheard several people saying they had just discovered him via Choose Your Own Adventure. Anyway...

Time Ninjas is about McClelland (foppish, sideburns) and Leung (dorky, beard) traveling back through time in Stephen Hawking's wheelchair to meet Jesus, kill Hitler, and stop Lawrence from getting dumped by his high-school girlfriend in 1994.

There's cardboard props, musical numbers, PowerPoint slides and lots of silliness. It's more of a sketch or theatrical piece than their usual lecture-style shows, and it felt a lot more lightweight than their best work* -- mostly it's just them running around the stage being daft. But they do it with charm and infectious humour, so it works.

Lightweight, silly, lots of fun.

* A Somewhat Accurate History of Pirates, Lawrence Leung Learns to Breakdance

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MICF Gala 2009 - Thoughts [30 Mar 2009|09:03pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Well what we have here is a reaction post (I know it's going up early) but I wanted to make sure that everyone got the message that it was here for so that you can react when its all still in your heads.


The Worst?

Interesting one that have made you want to see their show?


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Melbourn Comedy Festival 2009 [23 Mar 2009|02:56pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Well the Melbourne International Comedy Festival starts in just under two weeks and there must be some of you that are going to attend some shows.
Lets see who I can live vicariously though as I can't make it this year.
Tell us your run list of shows this year.
Are there any shows you really want to see?
Any shows you'd recommend?
Any shows we should be staying clear of?
Anyone we wish was coming to the MCIF that hasn't shown up in the guide this year?
My ThoughtsCollapse )


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wHAT'S HAPPENED TO THIS SITE? [23 Mar 2009|11:32am]

IS anyone still using this site?

We need to get some life in it again....

Whose with me....
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Comedians Unite - Bushfire Benefit Concert [18 Feb 2009|09:06am]

comedians unite!


We have all been devastated by the bushfire tragedy in Victoria and there has been a massive response from the comics to host a benefit night for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal. In response, The State Theatre, A-List Entertainment and several high profile businesses have combined the bring together Australia's most popular comedians in one HUGE show at the State Theatre on Monday 2nd March in aid of the Appeal - COMEDIANS UNITE!

All your favourite comedians are uniting to raise money for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal and we hope you will come and show your support.

All your favourite comedians will be doing their funniest 10 minute stand-up routines. The line-up will include:-

Jimeoin, The Umbilical Brothers, Carl Barron, Arj Barker, Danny Bhoy, Kitty Flanagan, Julia Morris, Tahir Bilgic, Akmal, Peter Berner, Dave Williams, Bruce Griffiths, Fiona O'Loughlin and Bob Downe.


WHERE: The State Theatre, Sydney

WHEN: Monday 2 March, 2009

TIME: 8pm

TICKETS: $99.00

BOOKINGS: 136100

Proudly supported by The State Theatre Venue and Staff, A-List Entertainment, Chameleon, Constant Security, Rizer, Monte Shine Cleaning, Sydney Posters, Jands, Serious Business, Back Stage Media, The Daily Telegraph, Ticketmaster and Rydges World Square, Sydney.

All proceeds will go directly to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.
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Intro post [19 Dec 2008|07:23pm]

[ mood | nauseated ]

Not sure whether I have done this but I thought I better.

An optional Introductory post:

1. Name: Tansy
2. Age: 21
3. Where do you live: Bairnsdale, Victoria
4. Favourite comedian: Adam Hills, Sammy J, Paul McDermott and Andy Muirhead
5. Met any famous comedian:
Adam Hills x5
Myf Warhurst x2
Alan Brough x3
Arj Barker,
Joel Ozborn
Hamish Blake
Frank Woodley x2
Andy Muirhead,
Kate Mclennan
Joel Salom
Sammy J x2
Denise Scott
Terri Psaskis
Dave Callan x2
Paul McDermott
Justin Hamilton
Tahir (Habib from Fat Pizza)

6. Anything else to say?:
seven days without comedy makes one weak

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Tripod Icons and Banners [16 Nov 2008|12:17pm]

Why hello there! Not sure if you're allowed to post icons here or not... But feel free to delete this post if you're not!

Hell of a lot of Tripod icons and banners over this way!
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Tripod Love! =) [05 Nov 2008|07:28pm]

Pics from For the Love of a God Tripod Christmas Show at the Opera House, 5th November 08 oxox

I queued from 5.30ish pm and the show started at 9.30pm. Sadly, no other hardcore fans showed up until 8.30pm, how lame did I feel! lol. Anyway the show was pretty good - they sang Fabian, the Homophobic Christmas Tree, Billy Bragg's protest song, the Drummer Boy, Christ is Born.. and a few others. They also released their new Chrissy CD, but i grabbed a shirt instead..

I miss the non-christmas shows! :(

PicturessCollapse )
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