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Melbourn Comedy Festival 2009

Well the Melbourne International Comedy Festival starts in just under two weeks and there must be some of you that are going to attend some shows.
Lets see who I can live vicariously though as I can't make it this year.
Tell us your run list of shows this year.
Are there any shows you really want to see?
Any shows you'd recommend?
Any shows we should be staying clear of?
Anyone we wish was coming to the MCIF that hasn't shown up in the guide this year?

As always with the MCIF there are a dozen shows I would love to go see. One I think I will have to recommend is 'Wilson Dixie Rides Again'. I never got to see this one last year at the Edinburgh Festival and from the reviews I have seen and the interviews he has done on the television I think that its deffenatly a show to go see. I love love to hear any reviews if anyone gets to see him.
Tim Minchins new show is another one that I would really recommend seeing. If your into in your face musical comedy with a heart felt message at the root, then his is the show to see. With a whole lone up of new songs and poems his is a show not to be missed.
As for someone that I wish was performing at the MICF - Ross Noble. His comdey is just off the wall and very entertaining. Also makes my sides hurt when I watch his Dvds and I would have loved to see him perform live this year.


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