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MICF Gala 2009 - Thoughts

Well what we have here is a reaction post (I know it's going up early) but I wanted to make sure that everyone got the message that it was here for so that you can react when its all still in your heads.


The Worst?

Interesting one that have made you want to see their show?


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is it on telly tonight ?
Shaun Micallef
Mike Wilmot
Russell Kane
Rich Hall
Hannah Gadsby
Arj Barker
Tim Minchin (even though he already did that song at Secret Policeman's Ball... ;))
Tim Vine (so bad but I lol'd)

Already seeing a couple of shows but tempted to get tix to Hannah Gadsby or Russell Kane too, now.

Oh, and the Chooky Dancers... is this the "Kristen Schaal is a horse" of this year's fest?

The worst - definitely Brendon Burns. UGH.

And since you're asking us to react, what were your thoughts? :P
Yeah I was getting around to saying mine and then I got lost in assignments which must be the first time ever ...

I wrote down the acts and my thoughts on them as the Gala was going. So I can still react.

Loved the little bit from Paul at the beginning made me feel happy that I had at least had been able to see him last night.
The Chooky Dancers; now I'm sure that it is footage of them dancing that swept the internet recently. I thought they were entertaining, and the opening of their act really threw me as to why they would be included in the MICF Gala. Clever!
Loved Adams line "I know it's going to effect me I'm just not entirely sure how" in relation to the financial crisis and his father being molested by a clown. <3
James Galea would be the one that I would want tickets to now after seeing the Gala. I was defiantly impressed!
Jason Byrn's rolling race with a member of the audience had me in stitches on the floor (literally). I wish that he would do some of his stand up one year at the Gala though because it is quite good as well.
My House mates were impressed my Tim Vine and Dez Bishop, and I had to inform them all what the MICF Gala was, they had no idea it even occurred. I live with Neanderthals.
Sammy J & Tim Minchin were wonderful! Two of my fave songs by the both of them.
I will agree on the worst here - Berndon Burns. Shaun's comment after "Brendon Burns when you pour petrol on him" or something to that effect was very fitting.
In all a rather good Gala!

I did miss Tripod at the Gala this year they are always one of my faves to watch ... although with them not actually doing a proper show this year it seems a little unnecessary.


March 31 2009, 03:50:09 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  March 31 2009, 03:53:07 UTC

Brendon Burns...was awful. I have never seen anything so painfully bad in my life. Did he really think he was funny?

On the flip side, Tim Vine was hilarious. God I love one-liners.

It was a little sad to see no Tripod but, it's like there was something missing.

And Jason Byrne. My cheeks hurt so badly after that. He really is one of the funniest people ever.
I felt like a part of the Gala had died not having Tripod in there, although we did have two other brilliant musical comedians there, three would have made a wonderful trifector.
And I <3 Jason Byrne is there a funnier Irish man? (Actually there are a fair few who measure up to the standard, apparently thats where the rest of the amazing comedians are hiding)