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Two Tickets ...

I know its not GNW related but I need to find someone to enjoy these tickets for a show in Melbourne tomorrow night ??  ... wait I'll let Adam Explain

Hi there

You have two tickets to see Hannah Gadsby and Adam Vincent Thursday April 2 at the Melbourne Town Hall under the name ... (I'm not just going to leave that there, coz only one of you can have them ... hahaha).

Hannah's show starts at 8.30pm, and your tickets will be available at the Information Booth out the front of the Town Hall at 8pm. Adam's show will follow at 9.45pm in the same venue.

Hope you like em


So if anyone wants the two tickets its first come first served and I really want them to be used! I'll I've you the name their under when you say you can use them.
Hope I'm making somone's night

P.S I know it wasn't GNW related but don't you really want the tickets? Don't worry I know I shouldn't have gotten them because I can't use them but I didn't think I was going to get them ... please
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