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A-Z of comedy shows i think sound good pt 1

I posted this on my own LJ, thought some of you may also be interested so posting here . please add comments about these acts if you've seen them, or have more to say about them.

ok just gonna work through the guide listings and make notes of what i'd like to see at comedy festival in a dream world where I had all the time and cash to do so ;]

hopefully I'll provide some sort of recommendation as well. I'm sure the list will change as the fest moves along and I see hear about other things as well. and this will be long so ill split it up , and it is in alphabetical order just 'cos im working my way through the guide : ]

Al Pitcher picture show this year Al is taking photos each day and turning it into a comedy show. 2 things i like! so it sounds interesting.

Alice in Wonderland
This is a family (ie kids programming) show, but it's Alice. the first half of festival is alice in wonderland, the second half they are doing through the looking glass. I've seen a few adaptations in theatre of Alice, so think it would be interesting to see what they are doing. I hope this one is one of the better ones.

Andy Muirhead
Andy seems to get lumped with being the comedian for nonnas, but I'm an old lady now so it's probally ok for me to like him as well ;p only 2 shows at the state library, so I probally wont get to see him this year again.

Asher Treleaven Open Door
I saw Asher last year and while funny and geeky. it was a little disapointing in that he has a lot of physical street performer skills but didn't use them in his show, I'm hoping that this years he does a bit of physical comedy as well. and as the acts is about a carny, I'm hopeful.

The Axis of Aawesome vs Bee
These guys did well as a small act last year so curious to check them out. a musical trio, they are compared to tripod a lot it seems, so if that style of musical comedy is your thing check them out.

The Bedroom Philosopher- Songs from the 86 tram
I haven't seen a Bedroom Philosopher show in years, not cause i dont want , just haven't made it to them. and this about the 86 tram sounds interesting. when i first moved to melb I lived on that tram route and saw all sorts of things. most of them pretty dodgy. was strange and maybe a relief to discover not all of melbourne tram routes are that exciting. I wonder what he has to say about it.

The Birdmann
A performer who does some times sureal street performing/' cabaret/ vaudevillian comedy. haven't seen this show yet, and missed last years show at com fest, but I enjoyed his show at the fringe. (also see photos i posted a few days ago.)

The Boy with Tape on his Face
this is the same show he did last year, but as I missed that and really wanted to see that may be a good thing. it's a silent act, in that he doesn't talk (hence the tape which is over him mouth) and relies heavily on his audience member to help him perform. be prepared in case you become part of the show. sitting at the back doesnt mean your safe :]

more to come ...

Also , anyone go to the opening night allstars show last night? who was there what was it like ?
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