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Sunday Velvet

more of my picks for MICF

Dave Bloustien- The Social Contract
Dave Bloustien is one of this years moosehead award recipients. intelligent and likeable are often used in reviews about his show, as well as being funny.
he's a writer for Good News Weeks, so you've probably heard a lot of his stuff without knowing it. I've missed his shows in previous years, so its a show I'm keen to see. to answer "if you could only go see one show this festival..." my pick would most likely be this.

David O'Doherty-Let's Comedy
I guess most of you know DoD. known for his "musical whimsy" always a good pick.

David Quirke- Feeling Steve Breathe
I missed his show last season 'Kathleen Grace', which was nominated for a golden gibbo. interested to check him out, often labelled abrasive and edgy , not sure if its my cup of tea, but intrigued none the less.

Die Roten Punkt-Robot Lion tour
routines and rock pop songs all based around this 'german' brother and sister rock band. . i have thier first album and it's lots of fun.

James Dowdeswell- No more mr nice guy
sounds like a funny guy, and the few you tube vids I've seen, I liked. if i dont make it to this show hope to see him at storytellers club.

Josie Long- all of the planets wonders shown in detail
Josie Long is awesome! ;]

again comments welcome on if you've seen the shows/ comedians before , ot have anything to add
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