David Witteveen (sharplittlteeth) wrote in comediansinoz,
David Witteveen

Lawrence Leung & Andrew McClelland - Time Ninjas

Yes. That Lawrence Leung. The one off the ABC.

It feels weird to write that. Lawrence has been doing shows at the Comedy Festival for years. But I overheard several people saying they had just discovered him via Choose Your Own Adventure. Anyway...

Time Ninjas is about McClelland (foppish, sideburns) and Leung (dorky, beard) traveling back through time in Stephen Hawking's wheelchair to meet Jesus, kill Hitler, and stop Lawrence from getting dumped by his high-school girlfriend in 1994.

There's cardboard props, musical numbers, PowerPoint slides and lots of silliness. It's more of a sketch or theatrical piece than their usual lecture-style shows, and it felt a lot more lightweight than their best work* -- mostly it's just them running around the stage being daft. But they do it with charm and infectious humour, so it works.

Lightweight, silly, lots of fun.

* A Somewhat Accurate History of Pirates, Lawrence Leung Learns to Breakdance

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